Hey there! 👋 I'm Leo, a software engineer living and working in New York City.

I'm currently working over at Hearst Autos where I help build applications that connect automobile shoppers and vendors.

Getting in touch with me is easy! You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Github. To say hello, you can reach me by email.

If I'm not coding I'm probably out running. If that sounds like your type of thing, you can check out my latest runs on Strava.

When I find myself with a spare minute or two I enjoy working on personal projects. I'll typically try to solve an issue I'm running into. I learn a thing or two in the process and maybe solve a problem for others too. Here are some of the cooler things I've made:

Better Gradient Tool 🎨

Gradient selecting tool built with React. Helps developers and designers find new gradient color schemes to use on their websites. User can filter by color to quickly find gradients for their projects. Save the gradients you love to your favorites and come back to them at any time - even if you close your browser.